Wine Decanter Types For Your Home Bar


A wine decanter is not only a highly functional barware item but also one that can be beautiful and charming in the hands of any person that likes to decant their wine. It is a very attractive piece that allows everyone to serve their wine the proper way to their guests.바카라사이트

When you decant your wine you make sure that the sediments from the bottle are not transferred to the glass from which the guest is drinking their red wine. It basically separates the clear ruby color liquid from the deposit pieces that should not be consumed. Unless the wine is very old (20 years or more), it should be decanted, as the more the wine matures, the more sediments it gets and the more difficult it becomes to pour the clear liquid into glasses. Luckily there are many different wine decanter types on the market nowadays, and several are collectors items being truly unique and beautiful pieces of art.

Most of the wine decanters have long tall shapes and are ornate pieces with a stopper so that the drink is not spilled out of the vessel by accident. Various decanters have also a built in rod which helps the wine decant faster and better. Some have a handle, and others lack one.

While the traditional decanters are made of lead full glass, nowadays manufacturers have started developing lead free crystal that is totally safe for storing the drink in them for a longer period of time. Lead is dangerous to humans due to lead poisoning, and this is why if you have a lead crystal decanter, you should only store the drink for up to 24 hours, to ensure that the lead doesn’t start to seep through into your wine. The reason is because lead glass is created by adding lead oxide to molten glass which has proven to be, indeed, dangerous to people.

There are several very popular wine decanter manufacturers including Waterford Crystal, Bohemian Crystal, Baccarat Crystal and a few others that have truly high quality pieces coming out of their factories. When you buy an original piece from any of these manufacturers, you know that you have a decanter that you will enjoy for many years to come.