What to Expect When You Adopt an English Bulldog Puppy

English bulldog puppies make an ideal family pet because they are energetic, good-natured and very tolerant of children. The ideal age to separate the puppy from his mother is between seven and nine weeks of age, but they can adapt well to family living even at older ages. When looking for an English bulldog puppy, check with the humane society, a local breeder or a pet store. However, be sure to investigate each source to make sure you are not doing business with an illegal puppy mill.

Preparing for the Arrival of English French bulldog puppies for adoption  Bulldog Puppies

Before you even bring your new pet home, prepare for her arrival by purchasing puppy food, toys, a crate for when you are not at home and puppy pads for potty training purposes. You should plan to feed your new puppy the same brand of food that the breeder was using in order to avoid an upset stomach. Try to have a sleeping area set up for your new puppy when she arrives home so she knows which space is hers and what belongs to the rest of the family.

Caring for English Bulldog Puppies

Your new family member should be fed puppy food at least three times a day and possibly up to four times. If your puppy has trouble chewing the food small enough to swallow, use water or chicken broth to soften it. You should put the food in a stainless steel bowl to avoid it being tipped. Your puppy should only be offered water to drink since anything else might upset her stomach. It should receive puppy food until approximately one year of age and then you can switch to adult dog food.

An English bulldog needs consistent grooming due to its unique fur and folds of skin. You should plan to brush at least three times a week until the coat is shiny and there is little loose fur. The folds on the skin need to be cleaned more often, daily if possible. If you go too long without cleaning between the folds of skin, your puppy can develop infections due to the dirt and yeast that gets trapped there.

The ears are another area of the English bulldog that need regular cleaning. Ask your veterinarian or check the local pet store for an earwax cleaning solution to make sure that your puppy’s ears don’t get clogged with wax. Finally, make sure that you trim your puppy’s nails at least every two weeks.

English bulldog puppies need regular care from an animal doctor to get scheduled immunization and to be sure they are free of intestinal parasites. They are prone to more infections due to their unique fur makeup.