What is Club Med?

Club Med is an all inclusive resort concept with locations in many Vclubshop exotic places throughout the world. The slogan for Club Med is “Where Happiness means the world”. It is a French corporation by the name of Club Méditerranée or Club Med for short. Club Med operates over 80 resorts worldwide with locations in Europe, Africa, USA, Caribbean, Brazil, Southern Asia, French Polynesia, and Australia with plans for expansion of more resorts in exotic places all over the world. Club Med is a luxury vacation destination for families, couples, groups of friends or individuals. They provide a unique and special vacation experience that is personalized and detailed for each individual and families needs and desires. ClubMed offers an array of activities and options to choose from and partake in from its award winning childrens’ clubs to expert instruction in various activities as well as spas and many other services. Each vacation can be personalized to your every desire and need from travel arrangements and room category to dining arrangements, vacation style and more.

Club Med was started in 1950 by former Belgian water polo champion, Gérard Blitz. It is a public company listed on the Euronext exchange with its headquarters in Paris, France and Coral Gables, Florida. The first resort village was opened on the Spanish Vclubshop island of Mallorca. The first resorts were simple and basic with vacationers staying in straw huts on a beachfront and everyone sharing community washing facilities. Today Club Med resorts have evolved into luxury resorts located in exotic places throughout the world with hotels and private pools and facilities. Each ClubMed resort offers its own unique activities and services that include dining, lodging, shows, games, spas, activities and much more.

The atmosphere at ClubMed is laid back and relaxed you can choose to take part in numerous club activities or just relax and do absolutely nothing but recharging your batteries. The staff at Club Med are referred to as Gentils Organisateurs which means gracious and nice organizers or GO’s for short and vacationers are called Gentils Membres which means gracious and nice members or GM’s for short. The director of the resort is referred to as the chef de village which means Village Chief. There are also employees that are hired locally and are referred to as GE’s. GO’s are able to work and move to other Club Med resorts throughout the world. The resorts themselves are referred to as villages. The unique and fun thing about Club Med is that the guests and the staff vacation together by both partaking in all the activities ClubMed has to offer from playing sports during the day to dancing and dining together at night. It makes for a very festive and totally fun atmosphere for both the guests and staff. You can customize your vacation in many ways and the option for you to enjoy a lot of activities or just relax by yourself is what many guests like most about Club Med. Since Club Med has been around for so long it has developed some fun traditions such as the well known communal dance which is performed by the staff along with the guests each day at various times. The staff leads the guests in a display of different steps called crazy signs. There are also evening shows that are traditionally performed and which offer voluntary audience participation and interaction as well. The fun traditions Vclubshop are a commonplace among all Club Med resorts throughout the world. A small amount of villages are for adults only and or have no children activities but the majority provide supervised children clubs for all ages including a club just for teenagers to spend time together. The children clubs for different ages are called Baby, Petit, Mini and Junior. Each village is divided into six concepts with different slogans like “to discover” and “to live life to the fullest”.