The most Enslaving Flash iphone Game of the Year — Totomi

This week there was a new free-to-play flash game released by Rovio Mobile called Totomi. Totomi is available freely online and you will be available for purchase as an iphone game in the coming weeks. Totomi could be the most enslaving flash game ever! Totomi’s graphics are of excellent quality and the upcoming Totomi iphone game will offer even more! The basic idea of the game is to build as many totems often possible and as quickly as possible. To build totems in Totomi you must heap animals from assembly lines into three game video poker machines and the object is to get as many points as possible before time runs out by building these totems. To grow the Totomi totems you must match animals together and the higher totems you build the more time you will be given. Totomi’s totem building system is based on the animals’ relationships to one another and to different kinds of plants- e. grams.: If the animals mate, if they’re friendly or whether one animal feeds on the other animal. The game is very physical violence free and suitable for all ages.iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Review - MacRumors

An example of how to construct totems is if you place a zebra on top of another zebra in one of the video poker machines this means there’s been reproduction, allowing you your “totomi” to grow. Another way to make your totem grow is through eating. An example iphone 13 pro 128gb. of this is if the assembly line gives you a leaf you can feed the leaf to everyone plant eating animals like zebras, these animals, beavers, elephants, foxes, hippos and bears and, once consumed, your “totomi” grows. Also in the game beavers can eat wood and fish. Birds can eat these animals and fish. Lions can eat birds, these animals, zebras and beavers. Foxes can eat these animals, birds and beavers. Cats eat birds, fish and these animals. Bears eat fish; crocodiles eat fish, birds, zebras, lions, cats, foxes and beavers. Totems in Totomi are also built by making friend totems. These totems consist of animals that get on in the wild. For example birds, zebras, elephants and hippos can all be together in a friendly Totomi totem.

If you have a large animal (elephant, hippo or bear) that doesn’t fit into many totems being built it will cause the animals in the totems to get angry or scarred and when the bigger animal is dropped the animals below it in the totem get scared and get pushed away. If your time is running out you can take advantage your Totomi totem by placing a non-matching animal on top of the totem you have built, for example by placing a bird on top of a totem comprised of zebras.

Totomi is one of the most enslaving flash games I’ve ever played. It may be hard to understand the first time you play, but if you play it twice you’re connected as you figure out the relationships between all the animals. Totomi is a game, which can be played by anyone of any age: I know a nine year old and a fifty year old who both play it and who absolutely like it!