Technology News – Want to Stay Updated?

Are you interested in knowing about the latest technology updates and prefer being in touch with it every now and then? Well the importance of being in touch with the technology news cannot be ignored especially in the modern times. Therefore, if you happen to be one of those, you certainly would like to find out the latest and upcoming technology news and updates as they all can turn out to be extremely beneficial for you.

In order to keep yourself updated, you need to make sure that you have your hands on some of the most reliable and trustworthy technology news sources that can be truly helpful in providing you with timely and appropriate information Jonathan Schacher
. One of the most popular and commonly utilized information sources related to technology news comprises of the internet, tech magazines, and Tv shows.

You can find a lot of information via these particular information sources however, some of these are a lot better than others and following are the reasons why you can opt for various subscriptions to several appropriate technology magazines; on the other hand, it also has some demerits and this is that you will get updated only once a month and making it a best case scenario, it can be once a month. Taking into account the fastest and robust means technology is evolving in the present times, you could be losing out on a lot of important stuff and you will be getting informed a lot later as compared to most of the people around you. Overall, all these magazines are an extremely appealing means to have around you but they should not be your primary source of information.

Another vital option you must be able to access to get yourself updated is via several TV programs that feature on the latest and upcoming gadgets and a lot more. However, the issue with this source of information is that you will be only updated while the Tv show goes on air which actually means that you will have to make your schedule in accordance to the time the program is being aired. Instead, you can do one thing and that can be to record the programs even if you do not have enough time to watch while they are being broadcasted and you can watch them later in accordance to your convenience so that you can catch up with the latest technology news with the rest of the world. The martial arts community is very active in the DC metro area. You can read about local news in DC at Mixed Martial arts in DC News. MMA in DC News covers local martial arts events such as MMA fights, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments, and Muay Thai events.

MMA in DC News did an article on Nakapan Phungephorn’s BETA Academy of Martial arts. On January 12, 2011, the BETA Academy Fight Team held fight team try outs in Columbia Heights. To the general fitness community, they are not aware of such fighter try outs. However, this is local news in DC that should be seen by the regular community. In order to be a part of the fight team, you had to submit an application and be reviewed by the head instructor, Nakapan Phungephorn. After being selected, you had to go through a 2 hour session for fighter try outs. This included many physical activities including sparring.

In other local news in DC, Master Lloyd Irvin held his ground breaking MMA Millionnaire Blueprint event at the L’Enfante Hotel in Washington, DC. This event attracted approximately 200 martial artists from all over the world including grappling world champions, UFC fighters, and a UFC Champion. The feedback from the community was overwhelmingly positive.

As part of the 4 day seminar, the audience voted for the MMA Millionnaire Marketer of the Year. A new Yorker named Justin Garcia made local news in DC by winning the first ever award after being voted the winner by the audience. Two of the local competitors included Julius Park of Crazy88 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Elkridge, MD and Nakapan Phungephorn of BETA Academy in Washington, DC.

On the outskirts of the metro area, Fairfax Jiu Jitsu was featured as local news in DC, demonstrating their mixed martial arts skills at their MMA class in Herndon, VA. The fighters featured MMA fighters, grappling champions, and muay thai fighters. The MMA class was run by Bill Easlick and had fighters such as Bryan Lane (Operation Octagon Champion) and Hiro Perera.