Running For Beginners – What to Eat Before Running?

Surprisingly, many people run on full or partially full stomachs all of the time. If you are guilty, let me know how you felt after the first mile! Cramping can occur, and is not a great feeling, especially if you have just run 1 – 2 miles away from your house or office! The walk back can certainly be an eye opener, and while holding your side, you will tell yourself, “I am never doing this again!” (Eating before running of course).

Part of starting a running program, is eating healthy foods throughout your 먹튀커뮤니티  training. You cannot simply eat healthy before a run, and not eat healthy the rest of the day. Your body stores the food you eat, and if you eat junk, your body will not perform at an optimal level. Committing to a running program is a lifestyle change, and can be a difficult transition, so focusing on eating healthy is the key to successful running.

What should I eat before I run, and when should I run after I eat? Eating heavy foods before you run can make you feel sluggish, such as a hamburger, chicken sandwich, pretty much anything with protein. Foods with carbohydrates, such as bread and pasta, fruit, or even smoothies, are good energy boosters for a run. A good rule of thumb in regards to timing, depends on how much food you have consumed. If you have just finished a large plate of pasta, I would recommend waiting 3-4 hours before you run. Eating a banana or drinking a smoothie? You can usually run 1-2 hours after consumption.

Of course, food is not the only important factor to successful running, staying hydrated is important as well! Drinking 8 -10 oz. glasses of water a day will provide you with adequate hydration. As I mentioned earlier in the post, this is a lifestyle change, but is a lifestyle change for the better! Focus on eating healthy throughout the day, and for the rest of your life for that matter, and I guarantee your runs will be that much more exhilarating! Remember, stay hydrated, and eat healthy 24/7!