Player-gt: trustworthy or scam?


We have trusted Reviews of player gt to customize our cars with high-quality accessories for more than 15 years. We encourage you to read our reviews of this site to make sure it is reliable. is a good option for products not available elsewhere. 

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Delivery and warranty

Player gtnl offers guarantee and free and fast delivery in all European countries. Packages are delivered directly to your home by a professional carrier, and if you are not present, you will be notified of the delivery. We have found that the products match the description and packaging has never been a problem. However, as we have never experienced any problems with the products, we have never had to make use of the warranties offered, such as the five-year warranty on the GPS and car radios.”

Player-gt customer service is exceptional.

We were impressed by the speed and relevance of the answers when we needed help. The professionalism and reliability of the staff is a rare asset for a website. If a product does not meet your expectations, you can return it for a refund or satisfaction guarantee. The return period is 30 days, which is longer than the usual standard of 14 days in the EU, and they charge no commission for returns and process them quickly.

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