Organize Your Bathroom With These Tips

You hit the snooze too many times. Again. You rush out of bed, run to the bathroom to brush your teeth, but wait! Where is that darn toothbrush? What about that hairbrush? And never mind the toothpaste! You need some organization in your bathroom so you can make it to work on time even when you sleep in for far too long. Make sure that toilet paper is within reach when you need it. Find your hair gel in a snap when you remember last minute that you’ve got a big meeting this morning. Use these great bathroom storage tips to make your mornings as stress free as possible. And, maybe even find time to make some lunch before you head out the door!

Easy Access Storage Caddy

The things we store in bathrooms are usually tubes or jars of all shapes and sizes. It is hard to find a clean, easy organized way to store them all! You need an Easy Access Storage Caddy to keep all your bathroom accessories easily found. Keep all your hair products in one caddy so that, when you are getting ready for that big date, you’ve got one drawer to get yourself put together. The Easy Access Storage Caddy has a handle so that you can simply grab it from a high spot in your closet and bring it down to you with ease. The more of these caddies you have, the easier it will be to organize your bathroom closet! Keep your morning routine easily accomplished with these caddies. They even come in convenient sets of two!

Towel Valet

It is easy to forget about that dripping wet towel when you’re getting dressed after your shower. Get showered, get ready, and get out the door! Only to come to home to a nice wet spot on your bed’s comforter when you tossed that wet towel and left it lying there hours ago. Give your bathroom the functional Spültischarmaturelegance touch it needs with a lovely towel valet. It holds two full size bath towels so that you can always have a place to put both you and your partner’s damp towels. It even has a weighted base so that when you are quickly looking to put your towel away, the Towel Valet won’t tip over. The hanging bars on this valet are nice and wide so they can effectively provide a quick drying method, unlike hooks. Keep your towels off the floor and conveniently dry without even putting any holes in your walls or doors with a floor standing Towel Valet.

12 Foot Chrome Corner Shower Caddy

We’re all guilty of having far too many pampering products in our showers. Who knows if you’ll want to use that deep conditioning treatment this week? Maybe you’d like to use bar soap today, and shower gel with a loofa tomorrow! Keep your options open by keeping your shower stocked up for any occasion with the 12 Foot Chrome Corner Shower Caddy. This convenient shower organizer has four baskets to hold every necessary, and unnecessary, shower accessory you could ever need! This shower caddy is able to extend up to 12 feet, so it can fit any shower. Locking into place between the ceiling and the tub, this caddy will stay strong as you peruse which shampoo you’d like to use today. The chrome pole and four heavy-duty shelves are sturdier than hanging caddies that can slide off the shower head. Along with the four baskets, this caddy also features a convenient cloth rack and sponge hook. So go ahead and indulge in any and every bath accessory you desire, now that you’ve got the storage for them all!