How to Save Money By Switching to Turf Grass and a Good Sprinkler Timer

Are your water bills stressing you out? Would you like to keep your lawn looking looking great without your water bill going through your roof? There is a way! If you make some initial calculations about how much you want your lawn to be around and how much time you are willing to devote to it, you can make substantial changes and cut down your water bill or even eliminate it all together on your lawn. The first option is to opt for a fake lawn with synthetic turf grass while your second option is to invest in a good water sprinkler system that will only dispatch water when needed.

If you want to opt for the first option gras online kaufen of synthetic grass turf, you have some options.There are three basic types of synthetic grass, short pile or monotone, two tone, and lastly long pile and four tone. Short pile or monotone is the cheapest option but it is more rigid. Two tone is softer than monotone and looks more real. Lastly, long pile or four tone grass looks the most realistic and the most child friendly although it is more expensive. However you must remember that fake grass is 10 times for expensive than real grass, but factoring in the expenses of watering it everyday–is it worth it to have a real grass lawn that takes up that much water?

A second option is to keep your lawn, but drastically cut down on your water bills by investing in a sprinkler timer system. You can opt for mechanical sprinkler systems that water at one time every day, or you can opt for an electric sprinkler which can do many things, among them water once weekly, monthly, or even yearly. Of course, comfort with the latter electrical system requires you to be comfortable with technology, and even if you are to expect to have to go through a learning curve of reading manuals. There are many options for different sprinkler systems online in the market today, with cheaper ones in the 30s to more expensive ones in the hundreds. You should make sure that your sprinkler system matches your needs before anything else. You should also make sure to thiink about your own lawn’s needs. Sometimes your lawn needs more attention than it needs or requires more attention than you would like to devote. Make sure to consider these so you can really save money on your next water bill.