Home for the Holidays: Dating Tips

There are plenty of opportunities to mix & mingle and reconnect with Potentials (people you might want to date!) during the holidays. Make sure you take advantage of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve to maximize your chances of finding that special someone, even if you will be traveling Home for the Holidays!

First off, this year, you will have a positive ATTITUDE about the holidays. No matter where you are going for them, your new outlook on the holidays is this is a time to meet new potentials! That cute guy or girl is right around the corner. Positive thinking always helps your outlook on life and the task at hand. You’re going to have a great time this year. You are open, lovable, and ready to meet that Special Someone.

So, you are waiting for your flight (and you usually have TWO hours to waste for that) and you have a new mindset that you are going to do the holidays different this year. What can you do? Hmm..let me think! There are a whole bunch of people going to YOUR DESTINATION that you have at least an hour to waste with! Meet some of them! You don’t have to try to meet the opposite sex here. You can make an acquaintance with someone of the SAME SEX and voila! – you have a new friend that can possibly introduce you to a set of people that you don’t know in your hometown! TALK to those around you. Exchange business cards. Ask them if there is anything fun happening in the next few days. You could be invited to a party. If you are able to really connect (say on a business level with the person, or if you have something major in common, like a frat or sorority or church/club affiliation) invite them to lunch while you are there.

Use the LOUNGES in the airport if you can. GROUPON (or was it Living Social?) had a deal recently for a low cost to use Delta’s Sky Lounge for a few trips. If you want someone who is likely going to be sitting in FIRST or BUSINESS class, get into those fancy lounges and chat them up.

Same thing with however you are traveling (train or bus). Start being friendly! But remember not to try to set up a date right away, just a friendship. You don’t want to come off like you are a player. Just keep it friendly.

NOTE: You can also ask people that are waiting for your flight (going to your destination) if they know of any cool spots to hang out or where the happening spots are. There might be new spots that have opened up since you moved away. You want places to go where you can meet some cool people.

Networking is great to expand your social circle and possibly meet The One, so talk!
Talk to the person sitting next to you on the plane Surrey Realtor if they are open. You never know who you are sitting by and who they know, so ask them a few questions. At least ask if they know of anything fun happening or where the best places to chill are (jazz spots, clubs, etc.).

So Thanksgiving was great. You’re full of food; you’ve caught up with all the family, the holiday is over. What happens the next day? Yes, that’s right! Black Friday! But I don’t need anything, you say. Sure you do! You need to meet that special someone! So what do you do? You get up in the morning and head out to the popular stores! But it will be a nightmare, you say. Not for you! It’s only a nightmare for those are that really shopping. You are just people watching!