Convert Your TIFF, JPEG & – PDF Files Online 24×7 and Then Edit

Easier, quicker and perhaps cheaper than buying license of an expensive OCR Software for every workstation PC/Laptop in the organisation & then confronting ‘errors’ of OCR outputs. While online means 24×7 availability for every one to use at office or when you reach home or anywhere in travel. Costing only a few cents a page, a realtime editing solution on internet is an incredible gift of modern day technology. Go to any search engine, look for a site that does that, check out its authenticity and start editing.

Organizations require to convert files regularly from one format to another. They prepare newsletters, contracts, press releases, advertisements, manuals, sales proposals, invoices, or any printed document on paper, Books, directories, other documentation, you name it. Therefore, there is a constant requirement of converting documents from one format to another.

Why image formats & PDFs?
When you scan a document through a scanner you store in TIFF format, Another image format is also referred to as JPEG, these are storage formats that store data as images. The main idea behind the creation of these formats was to compress the size of images. The reason for compressing images was to make them occupy less space. The smaller file size makes it easier for a Remove PDF protection user to conveniently transmit the documents. Downside however, the original quality is lost when a user decompresses into TIFF/JPEG formats, and if converted to word such documents often have errors of OCR.

A PDF or Portable Document Format refers to a computer application that stores the contents in a non-editable format. It is created by Adobe Systems. This format underwent a number of revisions to introduce the latest version also supports high quality images or graphics. PDFs protect the contents of a document through its security features, are accepted as legal electronic documents by Law, though downside of PDFs is they are not easily editable.

How to convert PDF/TIFF/JPEG files into DOC/RTF/TXT formats?
JPEG files have certain limitations regarding the image quality. This format is also less secure as compared to PDF. A PDF file keeps the image quality intact. The file size of a PDF format is smaller compared to JPEG. This makes PDF files transmittable despite being uneditable. So if newsletters, contracts, press releases, advertisements, manuals, sales proposals etc etc in PDF format need updation, have to be converted into editable doc, rtf or text file first. There are many tools and OCR applications available that can convert but often cumbersome to use.

Also, make no mistake, no OCR on this planet will guarantee 100% correct conversion all the time, there will be errors and you will have to deal with especially important documents.