Article Writing – Build Your Web Writing Career

Do you want to build a web writing career? Consider offering an article writing service. Articles are in high demand, and they’re very easy to sell. The only limit on the income you can make from articles is your own productivity.

Let’s look at how to get started.

1. How to Find Clients

There are many ways to find clients for your article writing service. One of the most effective is to join Webmaster forums. These forums are frequented by people who make their living online. They own websites, and those websites need content.

Join at least two forums, and start interacting. Some of these forums have sections just for web writers. You can make contacts here, and pick up useful information, as well as sharing your own tips. You’ll soon find that you’re approached to write articles.

Classified advertising is also very effective. There are many free online classified sites, and if you use them you will quickly get clients.

Here’s a tip when it comes to the classified sites. One ad just isn’t enough. You need to place lots of ads over several weeks. As your ads get indexed by the search engines, people will find you and will get in touch to hire you.

2. How to Promote Your Article Writing Services

Advertising isn’t the same as promotion. Promoting your services should be an ongoing activity the aim of which is build your web presence. Promotion combined with advertising is a powerful way to build your business quickly. Most web writers don’t pay enough attention to the promotional aspect, but it’s essential.

Your first step in promoting your services is to create a website of your own. If you prefer to create a blog that’s fine, but it’s very valuable reddit essay writing service to have both. Remember that as long as you pay your web hosting fees, your website will stay online for many years, building your name and reputation on the web.

Most established web writers don’t bother advertising, they get more than enough work from their website alone.

3. Too Much Work? Try Subcontracting

As you continue to advertise and promote your web writing business, you’ll find find that you’re overloaded with work. This happens because people with whom you’ve been in contact suddenly all simultaneously decide that they want you to complete their writing projects within a week or two.

Don’t get flustered when this happens, it’s very common.

If you expect this to happen you can make preparations in advance. Prepare by forming alliances with several other writers. You can pass off work to these colleagues when you have too much work on hand.

You can also subcontract out the article jobs that you get when you have too many.