How Much Do You Know About Door Access Control?

Access control is far from being a single technique. It is a wide array of methods and practices in which control is put forth over a unit that has the capability of responding in some manner. This collection of techniques comes in different forms, including building locks, ATM machines, PIN numbers of credit cards or mobile phones, car locks, automated fingerprint locks, remote locks and eye contact radiation locks. However, the most excessively used type of access control is the door access control.

What is Door Access Control?

As the name suggests, this technique is used for opening and closing doors with external controls. Many manufacturers and designers of security systems have introduced different variations of this popular security technique over the years. For example, the most complex door control devices use intelligent readers like biometrics, keypads and other micro-controllers. These controls are electronic; therefore, they will spare you from wasting time while using manual keys. Besides, traditional keys can be stolen or lost, whereas this system is theft proof.

How The System Works

This system works based on the concept of binary code reading. Intelligent or semi-intelligent readers such as biometrics, register the first contact in binary code language and then keep track of every time that user is identified. Outside entities will be able to come inside by showing cards, inputting digital codes or providing fingerprints. As a result, only authorized people will be able to 考勤系統 come inside while the rest will be kept at bay.

Why You Should Consider This System

First off, this system protects you better than conventional methods. By locking a door the conventional way, you are at the risk of it being opened easily for thieves to enter. Not only can a door lock be easily tampered with, stealing keys is very easy for a person with small and quick hands. However, door access control allows one person to gain complete control over the decision of who is allowed to pass through and who is not. Another advantage of door access systems is increased efficiency. Since this is a system which is more beneficial for offices than houses, you can easily forget about wasting time to fumble for your keys. Within seconds, you will be where you are authorized to be.

How to Get This System

If you think that you can benefit from this high tech security method, you will need to follow a few steps to get it.

1) Locate a local company that will provide you with an excellent door access control system. To find such a company, you will have to use a search engine or the phone book to locate security service providers. However, before making up your mind, make sure to take the company’s experience, its inventory and other similar criteria into consideration.

2) Meet up with the company’s representatives and find out what they can do for you. Ask about what plans they intend to implement to enhance your security level and find out if they provide you with value adding services.