4 Easy Ways to Get Marilyn Monroe’s Style

Marilyn Monroe has a style that’s almost as legendary as herself. She joins the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, and Lauren Bacall as a fashion figure and one of the icons of Hollywood’s Golden Years.

But what makes the woman originally known as Norma Jeane Mortenson’s style so special? Why was her look copied by stars like Geri Halliwell and Lindsay Lohan, and used as inspiration for the animated characters, Tinkerbell and Jessica Rabbit? Perhaps it’s the bombshell, sexpot persona, or the natural flair that she carried herself with. Or maybe it’s her perfect hour-glass figure and penchant for stylish, designer pieces that border on the subtle to the downright scandalous.

The good news is you can emulate her alluring style easily in so many subtle ways, whether it’s for a glamorous evening soiree, or just to go through the daily grind. Here’s how:

1. The basics are classics.

Contrary to popular assumption, Marilyn Monroe didn’t go for frivolous pieces in order to be stylish. Rather, she kept a fairly simple and beautiful wardrobe throughout her brief lifetime – a rarity in an era where flashy crazes and over-the-top overstatements were the norm.

To capture Marilyn’s style, stick to basic pieces that can be dressed up – or down – at a whim. Marilyn’s style was heavily reliant on her natural glamor and charisma. Build up that aura of self-confidence, and you’ll be able to pull off the Marilyn Monroe look effortlessly.

2. Dresses for a look that impresses.

Marilyn lived an era where jeans  roofing contractors monroe la and trousers were becoming mainstream garments of women’s self-expression (a Katherine Hepburn influence). Even if she kept up with the trends, Marilyn still chose dresses for her public appearances. As a result, she always looked delicate and feminine, as well as self-assured and lively.

Make dresses your wardrobe’s staples. Better yet, make beautiful frocks your personal fashion expression. Go for knee-length, body-hugging pieces, as well as full skirts and floor-length dresses. Don’t hesitate to show skin, but do remember not to overdo it.

3. Hues make a better ‘you’.

Marilyn Monroe loved white. She has frequently shown that she’s partial to white, although she’s been known to wear darker shades and lots of pastels. This doesn’t mean that you should start bleaching your clothes – that would be all wrong. Instead, find out what color flatters your best. In order to appear in your best light, you need the hues to back you up. Take the time to try on different colors and combinations. Whatever makes you look prettiest wins!

4. Wear heels for that maximum appeal.

If you look through her old photographs, Marilyn Monroe always wore heels. From stilettos to wedges to mules – you name it, she wore it. That’s because she knew that nothing is sexier than high-heeled shoes.

For the ultimate Marilyn Monroe look, wear heels wherever possible. Wear it casual with jeans and shorts, or formal with grand ball gowns. Remember that with panache, no pair of high-heeled shoes is too outrageous or whimsical. Even at the height of her fame, Marilyn Monroe was still Norma Jeane. Looks reminiscent of the small town girl were still very much apparent on the sex icon’s overall style. So for a last piece of advice, don’t forget your roots. Remember where you came from to find the style that becomes you.